Art in the Park

Starved Rock Lodge’s Art in the Park Exhibit  is the largest collection of chainsaw woodcarvings in the Midwest. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the large Native American Indian head in front of the Lodge – entitled Chief Walks with the Wind.  This carving is a tribute to honor this great man. Sam Sine (Chief Walks with the Wind) and his family shared Native American stories and cultural programs at the lodge for nearly 50 years. For a time, they also ran an archery range and souvenir stand in the park.

We are very proud of our collection of carvings.  They are a great opportunity to walk around the Lodge grounds and are stroller and wheel chair friendly.

honor Chief Walks with the Wind of the Ho Chunk Nation – See more at:

Click HERE to see our self-guided tour map.  Self-guided Tour Maps for Art in the Park are free and available at the Front Desk, in the Great Hall brochure rack and at the Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center.

Our Collection:

1.         Smiling Bear (1991)-Elements Restaurant

2.         Starved Rock Wetlands Bench (2008)-Great Hall

3.         Squirrel & Corn (2012)-outside along sidewalk next to Elements Restaurant

4.         Eagles on Guard (2013)-on Fox Canyon Bridge

5.         Frontiersman & Falcon w/ Raccoon (2008)-Pioneer Cabin area -near parking lot

6.         Owl (1997)-on path to Sunrise Shelter

7.         Two Ducks (2000)-on path to Kickapoo Cabin

8.         Heron (2000)-on path to Kickapoo Cabin

9.         Welcome to Starved Rock Bench (2008)-Pioneer Cabin area-near Ottawa Cabin

10.       On My Honor (2012)-Pioneer Cabin area –near Ottawa Cabin

11.       Sunflowers (1998)-Pioneer Cabin area–near Ottawa Cabin

12.       Compromise (1997)-Pioneer Cabin area-near parking lot

13.       Habitat Hotel (1997)-Pioneer Cabin area-near parking lot

14.       Three Eagles (2000)-at trailhead to French Canyon

15.       Starved Rock Eagle & Fish (1996)-at trailhead to French Canyon

16.       St. Francis of Assisi (1997)-along parkway leading to parking lot

17.       Totem Pole (1996)-on island in large parking lot

18.       Starved for Honey (1997)-near stop sign at west edge of large parking lot

19.       Owl, Coyote & Moon (2008)-across from Lodge in Fox Ridge

20.       Two Bears (2003)-across from Lodge in Fox Ridge

21.       Standing Chief (2010)-top of Fox Ridge

22.       Fox Ridge Sign & Bronze Foxes (2010)-Fox Ridge

23.       Looking for Nature (2009)-in front of Lodge Wing

24.       Steel Totem (2012)-in front of Lodge/Hotel Entrance

25.       Abe Lincoln (1995)-Lobby foyer

26.       Two Eagles & Fish Bench (2008)-Main Lobby of Lodge

27.       2 Bears Bench (1997)-Main Lobby

28.       Starved Rock Cartograph Tapestry (1991)-Main Lobby

29.       Native American Bust (2011)-Front Desk-Anonymous

30.       Eagle with Nest (2003) –on island in front of Lodge

31.       Chief Walks with the Wind (1989)-In front of Lodge’s Hotel Wing

32.       Leaning Tree (2010)-grassy area off of Hotel Wing

33.       Rocky (2010)-at end of Hotel Wing

34.       Stargazer (1991)-outside Hotel Wing

35.       Hollow Tree (2010)-west of Sunset Shelter

36.       Starved Rock & Indian Totem Pole (1999)-behind Lodge

37.       Wood Ducks (1990)-behind Lodge

38.       Big Catch (2008)-Upper Veranda

39.       Native American Crow Medicine Man (2010)-bronze-at Visitor’s Center stairs

40.       Eagle in Flight – north side of Visitor Center