Imagine Spring Break at Starved Rock Lodge

March 06, 2020

As a parent, Spring Break can stretch out before you as a daunting challenge. Well, we here at Starved Rock Lodge are here to help! Developing a diverse calendar of activities for your children (and you!) to enjoy has been a blast for our Activities Department and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store! Located in the heart of Starved Rock State Park near Utica, IL, Starved Rock Lodge offers comfortable rooms, a restaurant, bar, café and gift shop under one roof. Children’s menus are available for all meals while board games and DVDs can be checked out at the Front Desk. Reconnect with nature while enjoying amenities like free WiFi, the best of both worlds!

Guests also enjoy an indoor pool, a shallow-depth toddler pool, a hot tub and two saunas. All of this is just minutes away from more than 13 miles of hiking trails which lead to amazing, seasonal waterfalls. A hike along the trails on the west side will take you to Aurora and St Louis Canyon, with opportunities to view Kickapoo and Sac Canyons as well! It only takes about an hour to walk from the Lodge to the top of Starved Rock then in and out of French Canyon and back to the Lodge. This quintessential hike will give your children a memory of this National Historic Landmark that lasts a lifetime. Further east you can explore Ottawa, Kaskaskia and Illinois Canyons along with Council Overhang. Or, why not make it a Megahike and see all of our canyons over the days you are here?

Introduce your family to the wonders of Starved Rock and keep them entertained indoors at the same time. The great thing about kids is that all of them are different: Bookworms! Athletes! Artists! Introverts! Extroverts! And with differing personalities, come differing interests. Children’s Activity Boxes are available at the Activities Office upon request at no charge. They’re filled with about an hour’s worth of fun things to do. We will also be offering something for everyone, from group hikes, to art projects, to pool games. We hope to keep your family engaged and enthusiastic all Spring Break long!

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