New Season! New Look for Starved Rock Wines

May 25, 2022

Earlier this year, Starved Rock Lodge’s Merchandise Manager Hannah Condon felt it was a good time to give our wine labels a new look. So, she met with the Marketing Department to create a new set of labels for the eleven types of Illinois-made wines. These products are made for the Lodge by Prairie State Winery (Genoa, IL). Condon said, “There is a lot involved in redesigning the look of an entire line of merchandise. The Marketing team and I worked extensively on fine-tuning the labels into the finished product. Several factors had to be taken into consideration: choosing colors, font style and size, icons, label finish, bottle cap colors as well as updating many of the wine names, adding wine descriptions, and sweet-to-dry scales. Overall, this process took us several months and we are so pleased with how they turned out!”

Kirby Heward, Digital Media Coordinator, led the creative team. “This project is easily the most detailed and challenging I’ve tackled thus far. But thanks to Hannah’s extensive research and organization, coupled with the smooth collaboration between her and the Marketing team, the project went above my expectations. I’m immensely proud of the end result, but it helped greatly that the process was so enjoyable thanks to successful teamwork.”

“The driving motivation for this project was to develop a better aesthetic to showcase this product line especially for Starved Rock,” said General Manager Abby Farrell, “ It was a gratifying process to watch the collaboration between departments that, I have no doubt, will result in increased product sales and guest satisfaction.”

In addition to the traditional reds and whites, a new “Honey Apple” wine was added to the collection. This sweet, crisp white wine is best served cold with fruits and cheese. The wines are arranged in the Starved Rock Café in order of sweetness. Wine is sold for $20 per bottle or $100 for a six pack.

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