Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey Dinner March 24

February 12, 2024

A Whiskey Dinner is planned for Sunday, March 24 at 6pm at Starved Rock Lodge. Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey will be featured in this 5-course dinner. The menu will be created by Starved Rock Lodge’s Executive Chef Charlie Klinefelter. Check back to see the itemized menu. The dinner will be served in the Starved Rock Room.

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted by the U. S. Army Green Berets who answered America’s call days after 9/11 with a daring insertion, on horseback, into northern Afghanistan. This brave and unconventional act earned them the moniker of “Horse Soldiers.”

Every bottle of Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey was forged in fired with steel from the World Trade Center. The distillery is 100% American-owned. Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey is 100% distilled and handcrafted in the USA with 100% American ingredients. Now celebrated as a brotherhood, forged in fire, the legacy of the Horse Soldier began when the U.S. sent small teams of Green Berets in response to the 9/11 attack. Due to Northern Afghanistan’s inhospitable, mountainous terrain, enemy engagement on horseback became a necessity for one Special Operations team (ODA595). Nicknamed the “Horse Soldiers,” these brave men successfully overthrew Mazar-i-Shariff, a Taliban stronghold, and are honored today by America’s Response Monument overlooking Ground Zero in New York City.

The brotherhood continues to make history and live legendary by instilling family values, adventurous spirits, and pride into Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey.

Guests will be greeted in the Starved Rock Room with a welcome “Man O’ War” cocktail, featuring Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Chef Charlie will open the evening by sharing details of how he developed the menu and why he paired each course with a particular type of Bourbon and how the meal was prepared. Each course will be infused with Horse Soldier Bourbon. The 5-course meal will include an appetizer, soup, salad, entrée and dessert.

The keynote speaker will be Kody Langeland, Midwest Coordinator of No Coast Originals. Kody has worked closely with distillery. He will explain why Horse Soldier Bourbon is part of American history, not just a story. Distillery Awards include being named to the list of “Top 100 Ultimate Spirits,” 50+ distinguished industry awards and Double Gold at SFWSC in 2022 for the entire brand.

Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged 3-5 years. It exhibits a balanced, robust structure and devotion to American ingredients. The aroma is that of toasted corn, caramel and dark fruit. The palate is a blend of vanilla, oak and nutmeg.

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (95 proof) is a uniquely complex “wheated” bourbon that has matured in new American Oak barrels, with a level-4 char for 6-8 years. The soft red winter wheat provides intriguing depth and complexity to this ultimate American spirit. The aroma is that of honey, apple and cinnamon, pleasing the palate with notes of butterscotch, dark cherry and vanilla.

Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey is aged 6-8 years. It presents an aroma of honey, apple and citrus with a palate of caramel, cashews and oak.

Bottles of Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey will be available for purchase at this event. There will also be a cash bar with a variety of select, featured cocktails. Tickets are $90 per person. Guests must be at least 21 to attend. Reservations are required. Call 815-220-7386 or book online at: Online bookings are subject to additional fees and taxes.

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