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Advice From Little Hikers

With just a few weeks left before school starts, this is the perfect time to plan a quick getaway to Starved Rock Lodge. In a recent interview with several children who were staying at Starved Rock Lodge with their parents, we’ve gained some insider tips on what kids like best…

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Park the Car & Take a Hike!

Summer is here and gas prices just hit $5.00 per gallon in Illinois. You can come to Starved Rock, park your car and never use any gas while you’re here. Priority parking is FREE and so is WiFi. So, if you’re looking for a place to go that’s…

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Food Services Update 11/4/2020

We have recently been notified that Governor Pritzker will be moving our Region (Region 2) to Mitigation One Rules.  This means that we will not be able to provide indoor dining or indoor bar service at this time. Veranda outdoor dining will be available until it gets too cold. Carryout will…

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Keeping Everyone Safe

Health & Safety Update from Starved Rock Lodge (August 5, 2020) Here’s an update on what life is like these days at Starved Rock Lodge. We reopened on May 29, 2020 and have enjoyed welcoming guests back to Starved Rock Lodge over the past several months. We know, that traveling…

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Imagine Spring Break at Starved Rock Lodge

As a parent, Spring Break can stretch out before you as a daunting challenge. Well, we here at Starved Rock Lodge are here to help! Developing a diverse calendar of activities for your children (and you!) to enjoy has been a blast for our Activities Department and we can’t wait…

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The Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Vacation Planning

There is joy in anticipation. As Illinois residents, we know how much we hope that spring comes quickly after winter. When we had a 53 degree day in February, we were ready to plant our gardens! Here are my top 10 benefits of vacation planning: Planning a vacation not only…

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Should We Be Rushing Things?

The countdown to spring has already started. Yet, we wake up to day after day of gloomy mornings and we need to have something to look forward to, right? That’s one of the major benefits of forward planning. If you book a 3-day getaway for Spring Break now, you’ll have…

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What’s For Dinner is Not What You’d Expect

Executive Sous Chef Bobby Riahi inspires his culinary team to think outside the box and create new recipes made from local fare. Sous Chef Joe Kurrle accepted that challenge and the result is the newest item on the menu at Starved Rock Lodge: Pumpkin Gnocchi. This entrée is a team…

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Visit Starved Rock Lodge this Winter!

Blog Post Written by Kathy Casstevens, Marketing DirectorJanuary 9, 2020 After the rush of the holiday season is over, it’s time to enjoy the beauty of winter. Snow is in the forecast and Sled Dogs return for a live demonstration this Sunday, January 12th. Jason Hussong, director of Free…

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