Back Door Lounge

The Back Door Lounge is located just beyond the Main Dining Room. Enter the “Back Door” from the northeast side of the Veranda and don’t miss the amazing view outside the door!  Perched on a bluff high above the scenic Illinois River Valley is this laid-back destination we call the 19th canyon (like the 19th hole on a golf course)!

We’re open daily and our menu has a wide variety of choices for appetizers, lunch and dinner. We also offer a late night menu on the weekends. Indulge in your favorite drink while you try our guest-favorite appetizer, our Gorgonzola Nachos. Our Starved Rock Signature Ale is our most requested craft beer, made just for us by Leinenkugel. If you’re a wine lover, try a Starved Rock Wine (Chardonnay, White Zin, Merlot & Cab). Celebrating a special occasion? Try Starved Rock Bubbly for your toast!