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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our online booking feature is currently down for system maintenance. Please reach out to one of our front desk associates at (815) 667-4211 or toll-free at 1-800-868-7625 between 8am and 10pm for assistance in booking your overnight accommodations at Starved Rock Lodge, the only hotel in Starved Rock State Park.

Q: How do I find my way around the park?

A: A yellow “You are HERE” dot is located on each freestanding map at every trail intersection and parking lot in the park.
A: There are also free handheld hiking maps located at the front desk in the lobby of the lodge, as well as inside of the entrance of The Great Hall by the Gift Shop.

Q: What do the colored dots mean?

A: Color coded trail maps with yellow “you are here” dots are located at each intersection.
-Green = Canyon Trail
-Brown = Bluff Trail
-Red = River Trail
-Yellow dots on the trail markers mean you are moving further away from the VC and Lodge.
-White dots on the trail markers mean you are moving closer to the VC and Lodge.

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